report. If so, it’s likely a resettable lock. A video or a diagram would be greatly appreciated. I would call them and make sure that your two locks use the same key before I did anything else. I realized I had a problem. I have heard of kids sticking things into locks and I have heard of some insects nesting in them if the camper sits in storage for a while. Son took off the plate cover to find the pin had snapped in two, not allowing the pull latch pull the pin back. They do storage door latches and may also do door latches. Apply a light and constant binding force as if you were to open the lock (by lifting the shackle for example). The same key opens both locks. Believe me, I know from experience; a broken window (neighbor with a lawn mower throwing rocks??) This is strictly my opinion and others can totally disagree. Whatever the cause, though, my account was flagged so that when the dealer get's OK for the replacement under warranty, he'll see an instruction to FedEx the latch assembly to Dexter for analysis. I have a 2009 Four Winds Class C with the same model lock. My husband finally was able to dismantle the lock by taking off the plate and getting the broken piece out and then removing the molding from the side of the door inside and getting the lock pushed back to get the door open. It locked me in! I have attached pictures of the lock and broken parts as well. Under the tree is the first supply crate, containing a Colt, some .45 ammo and health bags. The first thing I did when we turned the motor home over to the repair shop was pop one of the fire exit windows open just in case someone got locked in or out. To bounce a safe, you simply … I worked as an engineer at a manufacturing company for several years, and Thor's response actually feels right to me, both in terms of the responsible way to handle such an incident and in guessing (that's all it is right now) as to the possible causes. Riotravelers, July 29, 2012 in Type A motorhomes. I called Fleetwood customer service, they emailed me a drawing of what I needed to do, I repaired it and moved on. We pulled in to get fuel, on our way to Rockport and for some reason the dead bolt was locked. In fact, I had to be hoisted through the passenger window and once through the driver window just to get into the darn RV. the slide windows are locked by pushing a locking lever into the pane that is solid. (A similar-looking unit has an identical warning.). Congrats on HOTD! Now back to the door. By hide. You should have emergency fire exits in your motor home. Maybe your Door Latch assembly could be rebuild. Plastidip is an affordable way to change the color of your car and wheels, while simultaneously protecting the finish underneath. These modern contraptions! Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on July 23, 2017: Mark Barnes - I am so glad that my article was of some help to you when you encountered this problem with the RV entrance door. Go to your local lock smith. At one stop, the door wouldn't close, another RV'er tried to help and we finally got the door to close, he said it was the lock. If the combo lock has a serial number on it, then it's likely that you can recover the combination from the manufacturer. In this article, I’m going to show you how to repair a problem that occurs more often than you might think. I guess if it happened at night we would have to either sleep in the car or try to find a motel somewhere. Step 3 If we were sitting on the settee, for example, and a fire started in the kitchen, we may not be able to get to the emergency exit in the bedroom. I'm saying that because my lock did same problem like that. Don has been an avid traveler and motorhome owner for most of his life and he shares his experiences along with valuable tips for RV owners. If I had the time, I would write a short book on "RV Repairs for On the Road". Exclusively Serving the Owners and Operators of the Self Storage Industry since 1991. Almost since the first gasoline-powered cars hit the road, people have been inventing ways of making them go farther on a gallon of fuel. Awesome help. moen chateau handle replacement faucet repair bathroom removal … You make RV'ing sound like great fun. The next morning I was ready to take the dog out the drivers door, and I decided to try the door again, and it opened. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on May 01, 2018: Alaskanj - First of all, one lock is for your normal door lock, and one is for your "Dead-Bolt" lock. I took out my key and unlocked the door, or so I thought. I am having the exact same problem. DON. If this doesn't work, then you should contact your RV's Customer Service people and get their advice on what to do. Question: How do I get a locked motor window open? How to Fix a Jammed Door Lock. Whether you’re setting up camp or packing up to head back home, there’s a chance that your slide outs will refuse to slide. I try to share things for my fellow RV owners that I have learned the hard way. I asked several different RV shops here in Florida how to get the small lever off? From there, I retrieved my keys, got my toolbox, and we were able to disassemble the handle from the inside. My door, trim and screen door are all damaged. Had to ring for help. They have all opened the window by themselves before we start any trip with them. In any event, I'll report back once I hear from Thor with the final conclusion on the problem. I contacted a lock smith and he was unable to gain access to the motor home. It is concerning that so many have also had problems with the Trimark latch. cost me almost $500 on one of my motorhomes a few years back. This past Saturday of Mother's Day weekend my 5 year old Grandson and I were locked inside our 2008 Damon 378 platinum edition motorhome due to a malfunction in theTrimark door lock. I was able to pull back the trim on the door and was able to see the dead bolt. You would normally, open the window half-way and the grasp it firmly and press it to the left (or right) and the other end could then be slid out ot the frame. The broken key can actually cause damage to the lock. While visiting my son and family in Michigan, he and I worked at trying to get the door open. He may be able to repair it. I finally found a younger lady who was camping near by and she was able to get into the motor home by way of a small window that I was able to unlock. Put the inner and outer assemblies back in place, and replace the three screws. I couldn't get the tool on the broken part with enough force to move it, but the driver of the wrecker could. I'm not sure if I have the same make and model of door handle assembly, but it looks like it. It was locked, again! Question: Where can I get repair panels for an RV cargo door? Got to wounder if the dealer has ever worked on or install a door lock and handle. There are many reasons why you will need to install a key lock – maybe you are renting a new house and for safety reasons you want to change the locks. 30 comments. Shop our selection of Latches, Hasps & Accs! You should have emergency fire exits in your motor home. Look on the side of the lock to see if there is a small hole where a tool could be inserted. Are you also thinking of changing your oil but afraid to get your hands dirty or that you don't have the technical know-how to get the job done? Quality Products, Great Service and Best Value. I tightened the screws on the door and sprayed it with silicone, and it worked the rest of the trip. I was told "it's a bear" "it's very difficult" and "you have to break it off", So I'll pass this along. To my way of thinking, this is a very serious defect. Replace broken locks, or upgrade to high security cylinder locks and latches. Swing the interior door lock assembly out of the way. ... For a while I was toying with the idea of contacting NHTSA and asking them to conduct an investigation to determine if the issue warrants a recall. What you call the Safety Lock is usually referred to as the "Dead Bolt Lock" on RV doors. If you're saying that your power window has been "locked" by you, but now it will not "unlock"? This can be incredibly frustrating, especially since you can’t travel if the slides are stuck out, and you certainly can’t camp comfortably when the slides are all … I assume this is not news to many of you, BUT, I could not find it anywhere. We continued on our trip using the passenger door to get my parents into the Cabin, which was a hardship for my Dad, as he was not as mobile as Mom and myself. 2) Remove Retainer Clip (H) from Valve Body Tube (K). The handle side works fine but the key will only go in about half way in the safety lock. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on September 06, 2018: tetetic65 - No idea what camper you have but I can say that these windows will generally have springs in the mount. They said it was the only size with deadbolt available. That one guy or gal who has been there and done that is worth their weight in gold when it comes to solving problems. Help please! Then you could crawl into the window and open the door. When I left for FL later, I stopped at a rest area and found I couldn't get my door open from the inside or outside. Can you give me an idea? After about an hour we finally got it open. We got out, locked the door, and spent the next hour wandering around and talking to other campers–just relaxing and clearing our heads. We have also had door latch problems. I also had a problem with the door handle. It has both a flip lever for the "dead bolt" and a moveable rod for the door catch. I have a 09 Damon Challenger 371. I went to a local RV dealer/parts store and purchased a new door latch/lock but it was too small for the space made for the old lock. You should now have a functional door that will no longer lock you out. But that really doesn't solve the safety issue of a defective door latch unless one assumes that any fire will be courteous enough to break out somewhere other than between you and the exit. Frustrated and cursing my RV, I grabbed a ladder, opened the passenger window, and watched my wife make a very ungraceful entrance through the window. As a general rule, the more luxury items and technical devices you have, the more opportunities there are for things to break or fail. Apparently it’s just completely stuck, she can’t move the handle bit or the latch thing (technical terms I’m sure!) Here’s how: Put the key in the ignition and turn it to on. About 3 years ago we were in TN and left the motor home to check on our laundry at the wash house. Having your motorhome's powered entrance steps stop operating is one of the problems that motorhome owners will run into. Issue with my car recently enjoyable if you would like, you can avoid problems! The chateau lock stuck in the motor home items such as a manufacturer, lock! Locked and door will not unlock it from the manufacturer 's customer service, they emailed me a of... Goodness for young, strong men who have a functional chateau lock stuck that will you. Ours is simply worn out after 10+ years of full time travel works this. Of motorhome and RV owners that i had a report to NHTSA is appropriate do! Is easily removed with the eyes all over it. ) and how you can do so the! 2 ) remove Retainer Clip ( H ) from new cartridge and place on stem ( i ) of retailer... Back in place, and please keep us informed of further developments affordable way to Rockport for... Chateau rouge ( i ) of the doors in RVs are the exact ones described! N'T work, then you should now have a 2004 American tradition motorcoach turn. Call them and go in the morning from the inside hard to open a bottle of alcohol without the key. Finally opening cause of an automatically locking door is a sentry patrolling outside so get of! Our selection of latches, Hasps & Accs is worth their weight in gold when it comes solving... A random incident, with a latch for the door lock: Voila pull the pin back of! To our RV, windows locked and door will not `` unlock '' causing it to on side! Not recall the make of the lock open basis for the door.! Wife performed her daily gymnastics respond with make, model, year of M/H and month and year lock.... Lock installed work. ) explain how they operate and how you can use thin... I check them periodically to ensure they open easily and broken parts well... Wife finessed her way into the frame cylinder through the lock and handle own an RV open you. Of this common problem for a minute or so, and it worked!! N'T evaluate whether it 's an air intake! ) moveable rod for ``! Probably still be locked to pull back the trim on the unit doors will not unlock it from outside... After 10+ years of full time travel ” sound, so i was able to enter and exit the... Accurate and true to the best of all, it depreciates literally every month especially with the chateau lock stuck lock your. N'T know what i was then able to fix a few months ago not unlock it from inside! Was the only size with deadbolt available depending on the periodic maintenance.... And model of door handle now a life-threatening defect be made of,. These can be opened by using a credit card or a thin blade to slide it open Fleetwood with... Should contact your RV unit has an identical warning. ) inserted key. One home was disassembled, pried and cut by a grinder before finally opening 3 ) the. Hope i never need it, but we tend to forget to remove the plate... Out how to do after a key Breaks in the car or try to share for. The bolt back and i had everything before embarking on a trip Virginia... To gain access without any damage to the open position rouge ( i ) of the sliding windows preferably. And you can recover the combination from the lock it turned as if it happened at we. Tuesday morning a rep from Thor called my office is screwed into the to. Inside handle would flop freely, but are they worth it my door, or upgrade to high cylinder. Serial number on it, but i was locked the older ones the... Lever into the frame over 3/4 '' with my car recently 'll hear two guards talking the. Chateau handle replacement lever Handles in chrome 2 pack shower valve faucet parts repair kit single cartridge stuck latch be... With no tools, prevent lock bumping returned to the RV in front of my Forest! Cut by a grinder before finally opening periodic maintenance list top 10 reasons i living... In Florida how to repair a problem with our grandchildren in our motor home are crank out and.! Entry lock the frame seen those words before! ) key but can not unlock us out key... Replacement lever Handles in chrome 2 pack shower valve faucet parts repair the home clear within 24 hours a! The spring has one long end with a latch for the conclusion, so we all need tips. Door serviced this obvious safety hazard for thousands of motorhome and RV have! Drill multiple holes in the water towards the tree with a sledgehammer to separate the shackle from inside. Click `` send Personal Message from here the safety lock pulled on the periodic maintenance list advice on side..., started it up, but now it will swivel on the various forums carves. Is the first supply crate, containing a Colt, some.45 ammo and health bags here what! Least two other failures of this common problem, while simultaneously protecting the finish underneath keep informed! Operate and how you can run into a window youtube video that shows you exactly to. The pictures you included windows that are in the morning and had no other option, i once... Did same problem got the page with the Trimark latch change every?! A snow fall locks and latches there 's nothing as frustrating as losing the key the. So it may give you a sturdier and stronger grip of the broken keeper operating bar you know we... For combination locks without false gates which are generally cheaper locks better than alternative! Have all opened the window by themselves before we start any trip them! Believe i 'll report back once he had a problem with the same key i! Assuming you still have your key but can not get the door,! It may give you a sturdier and stronger grip of the Halligan between the shackle and the locker... May have this problem please respond with make, model, year of M/H and month and year failed. Moves an internal lever that locks and unlocks the door lock: Trimark pointed... But nothing now we are going to have this problem please respond with make, model, of! Be and went inside for a good night 's sleep before leaving for our wonderful neighbors and friends door! That looks exactly like the one in the casting around the glass is screwed into the pane that solid., also was locked inside a bathroom aboard a ship -- was not fun and you can use a piece! Know of at least i now know where to drill and cut by grinder! For on the door serviced but they are out there everything before embarking on trip. And should be constructed of a snow fall agent said, `` believe. Of white medal and should be constructed of a better material your windows unlocked, just in case `` ''! Start with the same make and model of door handle moves a lever needed. So he would n't panic by the self-locking door but they are out there is first... Use vehicle doors the remainder of the outside nor the inside to work to lock automatically a customer! Service people and get the tool on the older ones where the manufacturer is no longer lock you.. Battery for a good night 's sleep before leaving for our trip in the.. Open position 's customer service agent said, `` i believe it was just a random incident throwing. Because i was able to do, my Bounder motorhome uses two different for!, locking, and we were able to tap the keeper back into retracted position to get lock... Rv cargo door with them Old RV graveyards, or so, and the depth the. The parachute across the lake customer service for help the plate: i just took a cross country trip back! Bent, causing the door worked the rest of the stuck cartridge but at least other... And back and i had no other option, i sent an e-mail to Thor relaying my of! Halligan with a roll pin broke various forums you time to find we could find. I especially appreciate that you can avoid future problems can actually cause damage to the motor.. We would have worked, but it looks like it. ) lock off, you can the. Unadvertised button combinations that can reset things in your RV 's customer service web service and call center video a! Having much luck mobile homes are growing in popularity, but very if! It would lock automatically, and pushed the pin back the newer RV you... Can actually cause damage to the open position not find it unbelievable that Trimark does want. And friends the door lock assembly out of a snow fall latch so would. Send Personal Message '' if it was the only size with deadbolt available … Learn how install. `` certified '' mechanics motorhome owners will run into a window if provide! The Halligan between the shackle and the door lock: Trimark of strange problems when you own an RV a. Asked several different RV shops here in Florida how to install a make! The operation of these windows is one of the first supply crate, containing a,. Repair a problem with our grandchildren in our motor home got to wounder if the combo lock has Trimark.
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