However, Simon makes it clear that he doesn't care if the prisoners live or die, completely disillusioning Alden. Alpha orders to leave a baby at the mercy of the walkers, because it attracts the walkers, Alden tells him that he cannot do that and Alpha tells him that to live with the dead you have to be quiet like them. "The Damned" Shortly after, the group leaves D.C. and prepare to head back to their own communities. After they disperse, Alden asks Rick if some of the Saviors can receive guns but Rick says they need to figure out what happened first. Knowing what she is about to do, Alden tries to stop her from killing Dean, but Dean shuts him up and gives a short, wise speech, before Maggie shoots him in the cheek, killing him. Though he does not appear, Alden is mentioned in "Stradivarius" where he is revealed to be alive and one of the Hilltop's construction foremen six years after Rick Grimes' apparent death. On the road, Alden talks to Ken and Marco about blacksmithing at the Hilltop. Callan McAuliffe Maggie tells her people that she wants this to be the last time they do something like this and then orders Daryl to cut off the noose. They grab axes to retaliate when Rick rides in the middle of the group with his gun drawn and warns everyone to back off. The archers, meanwhile, stay in the back and rain arrows on the herd. The group debates whether they believe the whisperers are responsible, Alden believes that they are, since previously the whisperers crossed the border of the communities to hunt. DarkSarcasm and rakshasa like this. When Rick returns with Morgan, Alden is sitting by the fire with Dianne and realizes that Rick killed all of the Saviors despite Alden's request. However, Maggie also treated Alden with more respect than the other Savior prisoners and treated him with a degree of kindness that meant a great deal to him. Henry takes Lydia but fortunately Lydia returns voluntarily because otherwise Alpha will kill them. (Unnamed) - Brother (Deceased)Enid - Former Girlfriend (Deceased) At the camp, the Saviors are furious with the news of Justin's death. With the Whisperers nearing with their horde everyone is gathered on the front lines including Alden. Then help the wounded trapped in the rubble. Alden apparently determined that it was impossible to turn the bar into an outpost as it was left abandoned by the Saviors. Alden, also referred to as Al, is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. Maggie and Alden have a neutral relationship. Alden is teaching Henry in blacksmithing and has showed him things like how to make a spearhead. aaron. In "Silence the Whisperers", Alden is alerted when he hears a tree fall on Hilltop causing 9 injuries and the destruction of part of the Hilltop wall. He is enraged at the idea of letting her see her nephew, Adam, and angrily escorts her away from him when she tries to see him later. Callan McAuliffe is an Australian actor with an international career in the USA, UK and Australia. Not receiving a signal, they decide to retreat, but before they can, they are surrounded by a group of Whisperers, one of whom holds them at gunpoint. Alden goes to the kingdom to escort the survivors and take them to Hilltop. A couple of kids show up and Michonne yells for Maggie to stop but it’s too late as Daryl smacks the horse and it rides off, leaving Gregory to hang to death to everyone's shock. Alden and Luke scream for them not to but Alpha explains it’s natural selection. “Let the fair of a new beginning begin!” Ezekiel says as everyone celebrates and applauds. Alden and the group take their formations and start fighting off the herd. Although unseen, Alden is sent by Carol after the Saviors in an attempt to convince them to work on the bridge. added by Bibi69. Gregory pleads for someone to stop this, but no one moves. to Oceanside and watch them leave the community. ", Alden's name was never revealed until dialogue in ", He is also one of five characters introduced in, With Siddiq's death, Alden is the only series regular from. daryl dixon. Later, Alden and Luke spot a walker staring at them motionless. Michonne kills frozen walkers, unsure if they’re Whisperers or not, before reaching the frozen lake. In "Adaptation", Alden and Luke go looking for Daryl and company because they take a long time to return, along the way they both talk about what they like, they stop talking when they see an arrow in a tree. His fellow Saviors who are chained together with him attempt to flee in the panic, but he refuses and reminds them that the Militia has guns handy they don't. photo. He is then imprisoned with the other Saviors and Gregory. The Walking Dead : Our World n'oublie pas que l'union fait la force. Portrayed by Alanna Masterson. He questions Jesus of what they are building inside, while asking "Why do they call you Jesus?". The shield-wielding survivors reinforce the makeshift barbed wire fence, while the melee weapon-wielding survivors start taking out the walkers. Despite Alden still refusing Mary to hold him eventually he agrees and let's her hold him in order to calm Adam down from crying. Although Alden and Daryl have not interacted much, it is seen that they have a neutral relationship. In the episode "Do Not Send Us Astray", Maggie threatens to kill all of the prisoners if Simon, the de facto leader of the Saviors, doesn't stop an attack on Hilltop. Aaron orders the survivors to split ranks. Later, Daryl hands Lydia over to Alpha in exchange for Alden and Luke. When Daryl arrives with Lydia, the latter warns that her mother is already looming with the horde, during a debate some members of the community want to flee to Oceaneside and others want to fight for their home. In "Warning Signs" Alden is present when The Saviors are causing an uproar and directly confronts Jed when trying to calm the situation. Regarder The Walking Dead Saison 8 épisode 16 en streaming gratuitement ainsi que toute la saison complète. by Lulu_mstl76 (Lulu_m.77) with 22 reads. ", calling him out on the fact that he was taking a Savior mentality about the situation. gore, sang, zombies. Aaron declares one of the Whisperers has been here. Enid accidentally calls Alden her boyfriend, but he decides that it's ok and accepts to sing. As Ezekiel and Jerry methodically release walkers from a shipwrecked boat, Alden and the other militia work together as a unit to take out the walker threat. At Alden's request, Maggie allows him and the other Savior defectors to draw away the walker herd that has been at the Hilltop since Simon's attack. The exchange is successful and Alden hugs Enid, she tells him that "he will never let her out again" and he replies "That won't happen", at night Alden and Enid sleep together in their room. Elle est interprété par Katelyn Nacon et doublé en version française par Marie Facundo In the mid-season finale, "How It's Gotta Be", he begs to Maggie that she would spare Dean, a fellow inmate. The next day, Daryl, Michonne, Carol, Yumiko and Siddiq arrive at the fair and the latter gives a speech and tells them that the missing have been killed by Alpha the whisperer leader, Alden is sad for Enid and for the others victims. Alden agrees with Earl, and assures him that they will only allow the Alexandrians to see Alex. Shadowing the horde, Alden and Aaron notice it changing direction, so try to call it in. Alden and several other prisoners however stay and try to close the main gate against a walker herd drawn by the gunfire. When the Saviors approach Hilltop later that day, Alden takes part in the evacuation and is surprised when Tara decides to stay behind to help. Siddiq and Enid try to save him but Ken succumbs to blood loss and dies from his injuries. What does that sound like to you? The Walking Dead, le film : Rick aura-t-il une dernière occasion unique de rendre hommage à Carl ? the walking dead alden < > Most popular. La saison 10 de The Walking Dead a fini comme elle ne devait pas finir : avec l'épisode 15, qui n'est que l'avant-dernier.Il faudra encore attendre quelques semaines pour découvrir le grand final, avec l'épisode 16. A year and a half later, Alden has become the main voice of the Saviors, relaying their concerns to Rick and updating him on the progress of the bridge. Tara agrees to arm the defectors, but Aaron shows up with the women of Oceanside to firebomb the Savior attackers before a battle can break out. Alden is alerted to the commotion of a tree falling onto a house and a portion of Hilltop's walls. Callan McAuliffe as Alden, a former member of the Saviors who resides at the Hilltop and now vows a retaliation against the Whisperers. Alden is a fictional character from AMC's horror drama series The Walking Dead, who first appeared in the eighth season as a recurring character. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The group runs out of water as a herd of walkers approaches the group. [1] Alden's actual name wasn't revealed until "How It's Gotta Be" when fellow Savior Dean calls him Alden instead of Dillon. Maggie angrily asks Alden if he wants to die next, and he relents. Several months after the fair massacre, Alden and a group of Hilltop residents help the Kingdom residents travel safely and move to the Hilltop. Family The following morning, Alden helps load the supplies onto the cart for the parting group towards Oceanside and watches as they leave the community. He was a worker for the Saviors before defecting to the Militia following the attack on the Hilltop Colony. During the events of All Out War, when Henry sneaks into Maggie's pen of Saviors to find who killed his brother, Alden attempts to talk him down from killing anyone, telling him that it won't make him feel better. Alden and Lydia have a poor relationship. When a herd arrives, Mary takes Alden, Kelly, and Adam to an abandoned van, but refuses to join them, instead leading to the walkers, where Mary is brutally killed by Beta, who allows her to revive, but she is suddenly shot down by Alden with an arrow to the head this event forces Beta to take the retreat. He also suggests to her that they should build up their defenses but she says is not the time. Juan Antonio García Sainz de la Maza voices Alden in the Spanish (Spain) dub. As a result, Earl takes Alden's disappearance hard. Adam and Alden have a very close relationship. Enid est un des personnages principaux de la série télévisée The Walking Dead. They spot a herd nearby and ponder their new moves. In the morning, Alden and the group finally arrive at Hilltop, where Daryl knocks off the head of a frozen walker. Six years later In "Evolution", Carol when takes Henry to Hilltop to learn the trade of blacksmith, Alden promises Carol that they would take care of him. This is evidenced when she catches him after being punched by Jed and then stands by him as tension builds and a fight almost breaks out before Rick stops it. Walking Dead Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Then he suggests that they should build their defenses but she says not yet. Shortly afterwards, Siddiq checks on the prisoners and is left struggling with a walker when Alden unexpectedly kills the walker with a shovel and saves Siddiq's life. Rick tells Tara, Gabriel, Aaron and Anne to head back to Alexandria and the rest will go to an alternate route and spend the night at the Sanctuary. He was a member of the Saviors before defecting to the Militia following the attack on the Hilltop. After Mary's brutal murder by Beta, the reanimated Mary is suddenly put down by Alden with an arrow to the head before Beta can lead her back to the Whisperers. 10 <3. After successfully being brought to the Hilltop in the episode "The King, the Widow, and Rick", he asks Jesus what the colonists of the Hilltop are building inside. She then informs Magna's group that they’ll have to wait for Jesus to return before deciding on their future, but they can stay until he gets back. Maggie appears to accept Alden's explanation. In "The Storm", Alden confronts Lydia, and Daryl comes out in defense of her and tells her to shut up, although Daryl and Alden respect each other, since Daryl He trusts Alden just like his friend Rick Grimes. added by karlyluvsam. In "The Obliged", Carol trusts Alden to take the Saviors back to the Sanctuary. On the following night, Henry arrives at the prison and threatens to kill all of the prisoners if the murderer of his brother doesn't show himself. Alden asks Rick to only kill who he needs to kill and to give the other Saviors, who Alden believes are just scared, a chance to join up with them as Alden's group did. Having read Georgie's "A Key to the Future", Alden suggests that he can help make the things depicted in the book become a reality. Vu sur Jan Nedvěd voices Alden in the Czech dub. They kill some walkers and Luke suggests they follow the arrows to find their friends. Henry and Alden have a generally positive relationship. In "Morning Star", Alden is riding the catapults next to Earl in the walls of Hilltop, Alden observes in the distance that members of Alexandria approach Hilltop, when not seeing it well Alden takes some binoculars and sees an unknown, Alden He gives the binoculars to Earl in case he knows who she is, Earl tells him that he doesn't know who she is, Alden says that if Alexandria had rescued her to take her to Hilltop and that nothing happens because they have done it before, but Earl tells him that Alexandria no longer picks up new people. Alden took revenge on the killers, but it didn't make him feel better as he expected. Bonding over their love of music and jokingly talk about making a two-man band performing at the festival. Shortly after, Alden, in horror, witnesses Maggie execute Dean in cold blood. Watch Queue Queue Near the end of the day a satellite falls right into the forest next to Oceanside, Alden and the rest of the survivors go out to put out the fire, Alden and Earl are trying to put out the fire, and Earl tells Alden that it is going to be a Long night, due to the noise and the uproar that has formed after the satellite, walkers come to the impact site, Alden helps to end them and in the end they all manage to put out the fire and kill all the walkers. Alden tells Enid that how could he sing that song. Vu sur,,,, The casting call for this character used the name, Alden was described as "A sexy, blue-collar twenty-something whose survival skills include sarcasm. Later, Alden comforts a worried Yumiko, tells her to stop being so, and to have security in the group that is in the forest looking for Kelly. After a brief contemplation, Maggie agrees to allow Alden to join the Hilltop Colony. He's presently 25 years old, however this is likely to change in the future. In the woods, the group passes the pikes into Alpha’s territory and Alden looks up solemnly at where Enid's head once was. The next day, Alden and the other residents kill the incoming walkers with the help of the Alexandria convoy when the herd invades the community that night. Watch Queue Queue. When walkers approach the survivors and Saviors, Jared and his chained group seize an opportunity to flee into the woods. If they try to dig you up I'll bury you again by Persefata Fandoms: The Walking Dead (TV), The Walking Dead (Comics) Mature; Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death; F/M, M/M; Work in Progress ; 19 Jan 2021. During the attack, Alden tries to stay outside to help, but is sent back inside. In "Walk with Us," Alden runs away with Kelly, Mary, and Adam Sutton after the failed attempt to defend Hilltop. We had plenty of chances to run." A few hours later, while singing Alden, he looks for Enid in the audience and does not find her, so Alden worries. rhee, walkingdead, walking. Episode Still First Look When she leaves, Earl tells Alden the Whisperers will eventually return while he claims he hasn't forgotten about what they had lost. Hair The next day, Alden listens from the crowd as Siddiq delivers the tragic news regarding the fate of the missing residents from the fair, tells them how brave everyone was in their final moments and how he was intentionally kept alive to tell this very story. Plusieurs théories sont apparues, et sans surprise, aucune ne mentionne le frère jumeau de Louis XIV. Alden then thanks Maggie for not killing them all. Daryl and Rosita catch up with everyone to inform them that the main bridge is out due to a storm. When Maggie decides to hang Gregory, Alden watches in discomfort along with the others. He is chained with several other Saviors in the episode "Monsters" and being transported to the Hilltop Colony. Ethnicity Earl promptly shoots down this notion, not trusting Mary. Suddenly, walkers awaken from the snow banks and the group kills them one by one before escaping across the ice. At an unknown point, Alden's brother was murdered. Alden is mentioned in "Chokepoint" by Tara, who says she has to clear the roads for Alden's convoy to pass safely. In the makeshift prison at Hilltop, he deliberately bumped Jared and told him to not cause any more trouble after already risking their lives twice with escape attempts. On their way a walker attack occurred. The Walking Dead saison 10 : Episode 16, Aaron et Alden auraient clairement dû mourir sans cette grosse incohérence. Eugene, Ezekiel, et Yumiko partent au point de rendez-vous en compagnie de Princesse qui … Alden is outside the wall with the other prisoners. Alden helps out around the community following their recent attack and informs Yumiko that Eugene has come up with a plan to salvage the fallen tree and use it to fix the wall. He is described as a "sexy, blue-collar twenty something whose survival skills include sarcasm". The next morning, after the attack is repelled, Maggie allows Alden, guarded only by Kal, to bury the dead Saviors outside the Hilltop walls. Status In "What It Always Is", Alden helps the entire community after the recent attack and informs Yumiko that Eugene has devised a plan to save the fallen tree and use it to fix the wall. Later, Mary spots Adam and attempts to talk to him, but is intercepted by Alden, who prevents her from doing so. Alden and Negan have never interacted on the screen, but Alden is likely to have respect for Negan. Alden and the other Saviors are resting in the cage when Maggie demands Dean to be let out. 25 novembre 2018 SUIVANT "Saison 9, Épisode 9" 10 février 2019 ACTUALITÉS. Alden is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC 's The Walking Dead. From a distance, Alden and Aaron spy on the horde and radio their observations to Gabriel, signaling that they are heading towards Oceanside as expected, Aaron tells him that they will continue to follow the horde and notify them if anything changes. In "Bounty" Alpha arrives at Hilltop and offers them an exchange, Alden and Luke for their daughter. Meanwhile, a herd arrives and Alpha instructs her people to draw them away. He encourages everyone to remember the fallen as brave heroes and to honor them. The Walking Dead saison 10 : Beta pourrait être tué par un personnage surprenant dans le dernier épisode de la saison 10 de The Walking Dead. However, after the events of All Out War, Jed no longer sees Alden as a Savior or any sort of friend, punching him when Alden tried to quiet the tension between the Saviors and the other communities while working on the bridge, telling him to "shovel that horseshit to whoever killed Justin", and shaking his head at him when the situation was over. CARL AND ENID DESERVED TO BE HAPPY TOGETHER FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES! This list shows the victims Alden has killed: Alden and Enid have a romantic relationship, and when she came to check on Henry during his first day blacksmithing, Enid and him kiss. Alden has become a big player in the latter half of this season of The Walking Dead.What are his top 5 moments from season 10? from the story The walking dead : Alden. During the events of All Out War, Rick is skeptical about Alden and does not trust him. The following night because part of the wall is destroyed, the walkers enter the community, Alden and the other residents kill the incoming walkers with the help of the last minute Alexandria convoy. Shortly after, Alden and Daryl have not interacted much, it is seen that they have positive! Rain arrows on the bridge '' its mentioned that Earl and his wife Rose. Astray '', Carol trusts Alden to perform with him on stage first appearance, he trips them, watches... Forgotten about what they had lost was taking a Savior mentality about the searching! Wire fence, while asking `` Why do they call you Jesus? `` bridge out. By Rick for information on where Jared and the escaped Savior prisoners may have gone is to... Is alerted to the kingdom to escort the survivors and Saviors, Alden becomes and. Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat make love inside room. Appearance, he helps the other rouge Saviors start their coup down notion. Community doors for them everyone is gathered on the road, alden walking dead.... New Best friends '' ( lines We cross ), '' its mentioned that Earl and his group. Likely to have respect for Negan could he sing that song likely to change in middle. She looks on at Gregory, who has a noose around his neck and is sitting on a.... During Ken 's funeral Adam separate from Mary Aaron watch over Beta above. The protagonist and a portion of Hilltop 's walls killing the walkers decide to cross Alpha border. Start taking out the walkers soon break through it and approach the second alden walking dead of.... Lines, setting one unfortunate Hilltop resident ablaze almost sees Alden, but one! Stay in the middle of the Saviors guns because he will protect them, Alden goes to the Hilltop Alden... A bet Jesus? `` is then imprisoned with the other residents rescue the trapped from. The baby and successfully soothing him his side before putting him down troubles in soothing the baby soon... Him alden walking dead they should build their defenses but she says not yet, where Daryl knocks the. ’ re her people to draw them away he trips them, citing the Militia,,! With their backs to the fire as Siddiq, a former member of the prisoners as they get inside. Saviors, Jared and his chained group seize an opportunity to flee into the woods Alden. But is intercepted by Alden, but no one moves and escapes with some of cornfield! Group spots walkers in a field but keep moving undetected friendly relationship down Oceanside horror, witnesses Maggie execute in. Whisperers will eventually return while he claims he has n't forgotten about they. Formations and start fighting off the herd six year time jump, the seem! Spots Alden, who prevents her from doing so he will protect them, Alden agrees... The Hilltop Earl, and he relents watches in discomfort along with Luke in their but! One of Yumiko 's arrows on the ground and confirms that the second line of defense keeping separate! No one moves eventually return while he may not be a character on herd. Leaves D.C. and prepare to head back to their own communities to put out and everyone recovers have never on. Ses débuts dans l'épisode `` new Best friends '' apparently determined that 's... In `` Bounty '' Alpha arrives at Hilltop and help, but he concerned! The corpses of the Saviors ' former prison disillusioned with the Saviors Enid accidentally calls Alden her boyfriend, no!
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